The question of word count and character count is common in essay writing and other technical tasks. Students and freelancers often need a tool to help determine the character count, especially when writing titles and subtitles. The word count is necessary in most academic tasks as it determines the number of pages a student should produce in essays.

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Can you imagine having to write an article or any other document and counting words and characters manually? Well, this can be an exhausting and tiresome task. Manual counting of words and characters is common, especially when a person isn’t using Microsoft Word. Apart from feeling exhausted, you will waste a lot of time, and above all, you might not get accurate results. However, our character and word counter online tool can help you with counting words and characters in any piece of writing, especially when writing a document with a word limit.

What is a word counter?

A character and word counter is a simplified online counting tool used to give the accurate number of words and characters in a given document. The tool is effective, especially for academic purposes, where students get a smooth way of how to count words in an essay and how to count words in pages. However, it isn’t limited to academic purposes only; any other person, like freelancers, can use the counter online tool to estimate the number of words and characters in a document.

How does online character count tool work?

Maybe you are wondering how to check word count using an online tool. Well, while using our unique word counter tool, you can opt to write your text separately, then copy and paste on the section that will come up after accessing the online counting tool.

Another way is to access the text length counter tool, then start typing your text. You will see a display of word count and character count. As you click “calculate” button, the tool will update the character count and word count.

The best aspect of this tool is that it is compatible with several devices. So, if you are using a smartphone, a desktop, or a laptop while typing, you can use the online character count tool effectively.

Why should you use our online counting tool?

There are several reasons why the character and word counter tool is effective. Some of the reasons include:

  • Accuracy

For instance, when counting words and characters in a four-page document manually, you can easily skip some words, characters, and spaces. However, with the tool, everything is counted, thus, enhancing the accuracy.

  • Simple to use

Anyone can use the tool effectively as it does not require sophisticated knowledge to count the words and the characters. As described before, you can opt to type your text, then paste, or simply type as you go.

  • Provides results faster

Unlike when counting manually, which can take a person hours before getting the results, the tool works instantly and provide accurate results within a few seconds.

Difference between word count and character count

While the two terms are used to determine the length of the entire passage, they differ in their functionality. While most essays require the writer to limit a certain word count, some pieces of writing also restrict the number of characters required, for instance, when writing the title. Also, word count is applicable mostly in large pieces of writing, such as essays. On the other hand, the character count is mostly applicable in short pieces of writing.

Before writing any task, whether it is for essay purposes or any technical task, be sure to understand the difference between word count and character counter when using any online tool.

How many words are in one page?

While many essay assignments usually specify the word limit and number of pages, it is essential for students to know how to count words in pages. However, the number of words per page varies depending on different aspects such as page setting, the font type, line spacing options, and font size, among others. However, when using an online counting tool, you can estimate the word count per page as described below:

Generally, a one-page document usually has 500 words when single-spaced. However, in the case of double spacing, the word count is usually 250 when the writer uses a font size of 12.

One of the best ways to estimate the accurate number of words per page is to copy a page of text and paste into our counter tool. Otherwise, you can use other calculators of words per page available online. These calculator may allow you to include the factors that determine the number of words, such as the line spacing option (single or double spaced), the font type, and the font size.

With such details, the calculator will then generate an accurate estimate of the total number of words instead of manual estimation.

You should consider using the tool, especially since it will enable you to maintain the required word count: you will not be not exceeding the word limit and will avoid producing a document with fewer words than required. The tool is effective as it helps you to meet the teacher’s requirements or match reader’s expectations.