500-Word Essay

How Long is a 500 word Essay Double Spaced?

A 500-word double-spaced essay is 2 pages.

Similarly, you may wonder how long is a 500 word essay typed single spaced? The answer to this is a 500-word single-spaced essay is 1 page.

  1. Research Other Essays

The first thing to do when writing an essay is to go online and search for other works or information related to your topic. Remember, you do not know it all. When you read the writings of others that address issues like how long is a 500 word essay is, you get clarity to do yours. Writing a 500-word essay may seem easy at first but when you start, you may find it hard.

This is because trying to fit all your important points into an essay with a short word count may seem impossible. So, you have to trim your sentences. However, when you read other 500-word essays, it becomes easier for you to know how to write yours.

  1. Draft a Rough Outline

Usually, students think they need to have everything in their essays perfectly written out on the first try. That is not true. You can draft an outline of your thoughts in their raw form and return to edit them to perfection.

  1. Have a Structure

When writing an essay, you should have a structure so your writing is not incoherent or strenuous to the eye. Having a structure will also help you organize your thoughts properly and achieve your word count goal. Usually, the basic structure for an essay is an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. How do you write this?

  • First of all, your introduction should tell the reader what your topic is about. Now, this does not mean you should start your main points in the introduction. Rather, simply let the reader know what to expect in the body of your essay.
  • Secondly, write the body of your essay. Here, you should put the main points of your essay. Now, since 500 words doesn’t give you a lot of room, you should try to reduce the length of your sentences by going straight to the point.
  • Finally, write your conclusion. Your conclusion should be a summary of what you wrote in the body of your essay. Remember to summarise the main points and show if you have achieved the aim of your essay.
  1. Reference The Works of Other Authors

Usually, in academic writing, your lecturers expect that you research the works of other authors to get information. So, they also expect that you reference the sources you got your main points from. When referencing, the first thing to do is cite the surname of the author and the publication year directly next to the information you are giving. Usually, the publication year is in parentheses. For example, “Queld (2009) states that love is gold.”

After you have cited in your essay, the next thing to do is write your bibliography. This usually contains the author’s names, year of publication, the title of publication, publisher information, and a link to the source if online. There are different referencing styles and the one you use depends on the one your lecturer asks you to use.

  1. Use a Spellchecker

After you have completed your essay, the next thing to do is use an online spellchecker. This will help you to find out the mistakes in your essay and correct them. If your essay is full of grammatical mistakes, it can cost you some marks. After this, proofread your work to eliminate any writing mistakes or make sentences better.

  1. Use a Plagiarism Checker

Next, use a plagiarism checker to make sure your work is original. Most lecturers check for plagiarism in your work and if it fails, they can penalize you.

500 Word Essay Sample

Presenting Your Ideas Effectively


There are a number of challenges that face local governments today and they must implement effective strategies on how to handle these occurrences. One such challenge to local government is that of vandalism and the ‘broken windows’ effect. To keep areas from deteriorating into crime areas it is in the best interest of the local government to try to keep all areas of the city in as good a repair as possible.

This is often a tough job on a limited budget and when incidents of vandalism occur, they are often left for people to see for a while before these negative acts get cleaned up. Throughout this paper, I will discuss the issue of vandalism and deterioration for local governments and what strategy they should implement to keep this from occurring.

Vandalism and a Strategy to Address It

Vandalism may seem like a small issue, however, it is not only an eye sore, it can lead to the deterioration of an area. Therefore it is important for local governments to address this issue to prevent areas from being overrun by nuisance crimes with the potential for larger more serious crimes moving in. One example of a city that has a plan in place to control vandalism is the city of Los Angeles. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, vandalism may be more costly than many people first think. Acts of vandalism include incidents such as: walls spray painted with graffiti; trashcans and mailboxes knocked over, signs spray painted; missing street signs, broken windows, and more. These incidents cost schools, businesses, local governments, and taxpayers significant amounts of money each year. In addition, these acts lead to feelings of fear and sadness in those who must view the damage. 

According to the broken windows theory, acts such as vandalism if left uncontrolled, can alter the community landscape in a way that invites new and more serious crime into the neighborhood. A window that has been busted out makes the neighborhood look less safe and amenable to crime. To prevent the criminal element from slowly moving into the neighborhood, it is important to have a strategy in place to eliminate things such as broken windows and other acts of vandalism.

According to the presentation, when acts of graffiti vandalism occur, it is important to contact the police department, the public works department and community development. Each of these organizations should be involved in the prevention and cleanup of these acts to ensure that the community stays safe.

The Los Angeles Police Department proposes educating the public, especially young people about the costs associated with vandalism (See Preventing Vandalism). In addition, they recommend cleaning up all acts of vandalism as soon as they occur. This is the duty of the public works department which the local government should have trained to respond to such acts to a timely manner in order to keep these acts to a minimum. In addition, it is important to get the community involved with keeping their own community beautiful; encourage people to report all acts of vandalism to their local police department. This would be the duty of the community development department, to reach out to the community and encourage residents to report vandalism to the proper authorities. Finally, the Los Angeles Police Department advises that everyone ‘take a stand’ against acts such as vandalism which they do not want in their communities; if local governments, the police department, and the people work together, these acts can be kept to controlled levels which keeps the community from eroding.


“Broken windows theory.” (2015). In Encyclopædia Britannica. Retrieved from http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/1929803/broken-windows-theory

“Preventing Vandalism.” Los Angeles Police Department. Retrieved from http://www.lapdonline.org/crime_prevention/content_basic_view/1382


How long is a 500 word essay? Now you know that even though it is short, it does have certain rules you should follow. Thankfully, with the tips in this article, you now know how to write your 500 word essay.

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